Mandriva 2011 este gata ... a intrat in "freeze"

De pe blogul oficial Mandriva (daca are cineva chef, sa traduca in comentariu si il pun in articol):

Today, in celebration of 20th birthday of Linux, we totally freezed Mandriva 2011 repository. No more additions, no more fixes, no more anything. We started the final countdown till “copying to gold”.
As you already know, Mandriva 2011 is coming with .38 kernel and some other “old” applications. But for users, who want to be on edge, we are preparing a little hack: if you want latest kernel, firefox and other programs, you should just enable the “main/testing” repository in your package manager. These programs are already there.
Now we cross fingers for smooth start



Din comentarii, cred ca unora le va place, desi eu l-am lasat sa macine si e OK dupa cateva ore:

Nepomuk was disabled by default because requires a lot of resources, so users who have old machines, complain of a low performance.

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in sfirsit o distributie care nu zice ca e facuta sa reanimeze pisicurile defuncte....
Adica pe romineste ia baga tu un dsl sau puppy sau tyni si ciocul mic :D MRB aint no shit , :p Linux user number 507107 Nu dați banii pe prostii, puneți Linux pe PISI ![ARLUG]

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